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Case Study Crescent Wrench

Client: Cooper Hand Tools

Objective: To create a new specialized wrench for The Home Depot buyers.

Challenge: To create a new wrench that would work on square bolts, hex bolts, J-bolts, hook eyes, wing nuts, AND thumb screws.

Methodology: The MoveScience team started out with several hex ID concept sketches and then worked out the details for those mechanisms using Pro/ENGINEER. After first-level prototypes were developed, modifications to the model were made for production. From there, detailed drawings were created for manufacturers.

Solutions: The adjustable ratcheting socket wrench ts more than just nuts and bolts; it ts hundreds of fasteners. The RapidRench replaces 38 of the most popular socket sizes. It ts SAE and metric. It tightens and/or loosens with the flip of a switch. Rotate the dial to adjust the jaws to the exact size of the fastener.


Two (2) weeks
Download the Crescent Wrench Case Study (118 KB)

**Crescent later bought the rights to this wrench from our customer and re-branded it as the RapidRench. This wrench has been one of the best sellers since the original Crescent wrench by the Cooper Hand Tools Organization.
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