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We are looking for a seasoned mechanical engineers and/or industrial designers with 2-15 years of experience in product design or engineering or equivalent experience for various projects to join our team. Candidates should be capable of using their head in a practical sense, the ability to voice any concerns and the ability to handle multiple cross functional projects. Can you develop a vehicle chassis, air-frame, wing profile, hand-held electronic or a consumer product we use in everyday life? Or can you manage complex engineering challenges? Can you tell a story? Do you use Pro/ENGINEER, ANSYS, Rhino, Cabe, Creo,UG, Solidworks and other software packages? Are you a degree holding engineer with a passion for racing, tearing apart things, and solving issues with sound engineers? If you have expenence in a variety of production methods and are able to work alongside industrial designers and engineers who never say no, this could be a perfect opportunity to meet our team by applying direct.
Those interested in being considered for positions in our customer base or as part of our in house team and can handle being part of a challenging environment, please provide your resume below.

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