Our Process

Necessity drives innovation. Pushing the limits of technology requires knowledge, creativity, and innovation and it unlocks the door to creativity and efficiency. Our sister company, Design Engine, is a well established a 19 year old training company. Well established means competency (knowledge), creativity, and innovation. Design Engine is exposed to how companies use software and what they want to do. Innovation is the discovery process that leads the trainers and students to explore other possibilities on how to best use software and incorporate into their business practices. The formula results in an exchange of knowledge and technology.

Our process begins with an understanding of your business – what do you want to do. As we form a partnership, we observe the way you work and the methods you employ. Because we bring essentially an instructor’s perspective into the project, we are looking for ways to make the goal easier or more efficient to achieve. This is our process of extensive consideration and analysis of your competitors. This  competitive analysis is our road map to further develop and to further differentiate your product concept from what is available on the global market. A team is formed to assist in achieving your goal with the latest business practice and software knowledge. We assist with guiding our joint project through to completion, from concept to design all the way to manufacturing on time.

Additionally, we can assist your project to include product branding, custom graphics, innovative packaging through to point of purchase display. While we assist our partners, we rarely veer from our process because that’s how and where we have succeeded.Our process has been proven and tested over years of our collective experience. We form a team of cross-professional researchers, industrial designers, mechanical/electrical engineers, scientists, graphic designers, and programmers. We empower our customers with our extensive resources of manufacturers, retailers, and buyers to transform your project from concept to product, with its own revenue stream.

Providing customers on-site, offsite at our locations, or a blend of the two we are here to serve needs as they arise. We are able to flex variable resource model (thru real time up to date training) through our sister company Design Engine allowing us to fluidly respond to our customers needs where larger staffing firms miss the target. While many companies strive to submit as many resumes as possible, we strive to understand our customer’s needs and to train our staff and potential candidates on then latest software to allow for shorter ramp up time. We understand it’s during peak times you call for reinforcements and we are ready to help meet critical timelines.

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