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The staff of MoveScience have come from the design industry and have had to deal with attrition, staffing challenges at all levels of the organization, and finding the right qualities in candidates. This is a daunting challenge that has often left us to compromise. Our experience has shown us that warm bodies don’t make deadlines – having a person on the job is far short of having the right person on the job. The partners of MoveScience felt the need to create something that would bridge the gap. Who would be better prepared to do this than people that work in the business, help establish standards, prepare training, and build teams based on the business objectives and design requirements. The founders of MoveScience couldn’t let the obvious persist.

We wanted to reduce the process of employee preparation for our own shop and for our customers. We’ve developed a method to bring our needs, as managers and group leaders, to other businesses. We believe in employee preparation and we’ve built it into our core model. Getting employees and professionals that are better suited to the tasks sooner just makes sense.

MoveScience is what engineering managers and designers designed. It combines the use of established training methods, the understood need to partner with our clients to meet their needs, and the networking of professionals that we associate with every day. With our sister company, Design Engine Education (a well established 19 year training firm), we’ve created a business model that makes capable employees that come into our clients’ organization ready for the job. This unique, effective model doesn’t mean that we just staff, we meet our customers / partners expectations coming into the door.

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Combined our growing team has hundreds of years of real life engineering from several top Fortune 500 companies. MoveScience is an innovative technologically sound business model with associates that enjoy going to work each day. Our collaboration with customers and knowledge base and unique culture combine to form a truly special place where innovation takes hold. Our mission is to simply produce solid design and well engineered products for our clients. If you are in need of experts who can execute your concept and aid in launching it into the current global market, you wont be disappointed. For case studies, a simple discovery call or a full life cycle engineering plan, let MoveScience get on the Move for you. Call on us today at 312.857.6167.

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